Jennifer, Wanganui, New Zealand

Paddy McHughI have been on two "Paddy McHugh organized expeditions", one large, one small. On both occasions I was impressed with Paddy's skills in organizing these trips.

Paddy has the ideal personality for taking expeditions and treks. He has a huge knowledge of the country, as well as having an appreciation for the beauty of the landscape and its' surrounds. With his choice of camping spots, his careful driving, his relaxed and generous manner, and his wonderful sense of humour, this all leads to a great Australian experience. From New Zealand, I now have friends coming with me, for our own trip with Paddy in 2007.

M.C. Knowles, PhD.,
President International Association of Applied Psychology

Paddy McHughOver the past couple of years I have been on three major events organised by Paddy McHugh, namely a camel trek between Winton and Boulia, a cattle drive between Aramac and Roma, and a walk on foot across the Simpson desert. 

These three activities where all vastly different, ranging from, on the one hand, the large and complex organisation of the camel trek involving the coordination of over 150 people as well as some 80 camels and 40 horses too, on the other hand, the exciting organisation of a small band of nine walkers who trekked across the 400km of the Simpson desert. 

Paddy McHughWhile all three events where characterised by the same kind of enterprising vision and challenging imagination, each in their different ways calling for an array of skills and attributes including detailed planning, exacting logistics, a capacity to deal with the unforseen emergencies, and a charisma which welded together people from considerably different backgrounds, uniting them in accomplishing the particular event's overall goal and mission. 

On these grounds, I strongly support any similar activity in which Paddy McHugh is highly involved and for which he is principally responsible.