Life is an Endless Adventure

Paddy McHughFrom catching feral camels to leading major treks and expeditions across the land, to exporting all types of live animals to any part of the world, we can take care of all the logistics and necessary requirements.

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Filming the world's most deadly snake or sailing the Great Barrier Reef, finding a special location for a film or maybe its looking for that rare bird that has eluded you.

I can take you there and beyond and back in comfort and style.

Check out a few of the upcoming tours below ...

Life Changing Moroccan Adventure 2019

top end luxury adventureLife Changing Morocco 4th June to 19th June 2019.

Come with me on a truly amazing Moroccan adventure, step back in time as we traverse the mighty Atlas mountains, stay in a Riad and visit the Medinas of Fes and Marrakesch .....

Life is en endless adventure and this is one place where this is all dramatically in front of you ...

...


Simpson Desert Adventure Crossing 2019

21 days, 450 km, 1100 sand dunes, across Australia's mighty Simpson Desert.

5th July to 27th July 2019

Are you up to the challenge? A once in a lifetime challenge ..

...


The Last Great Wilderness .. Mongolia - 2019

19 days .. 22nd August to 10th September 2019

The Gobi Desert, the mystical lands of Genghis Khan, vast open spaces on the edge of the world.
To the north is Russia and the south is China.

...


Private Adventure tours to anywhere in Australia

Camels and Live Animal Export.

Paddy McHugh Pty Ltd can arrange most animals to just about anywhere in the world.

Whilst we specialise in Camels with over 40 years experience we have diversified to many different live species .. Alpacas, Horses, Cattle and Goats are some we have moved.

The Australian camel Industry has progressed slowly over the past 10 years with milk becoming a driving force in its development.

The stories of wild camels out of control and the cull that’s taken and still is taking place is best answered in the video clip below.

Is there a viable Australian camel Industry...without question there is, as long as there is good visionary management and honest diligence and ideas to run it. A tall order considering the circumstances.

Camel Industry Expert Extended Interview "World News Australia"

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